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The result of more than 25 years of knowledge, experience and entrepreneurship is a host of great customers – something I’m proud of each and every day.


An efficient workflow for your media or broadcast company?
SEC Media provides advice and support in setting up the perfect workflow for your organisation.

Koen Hak: “My working method is clear and I maintain short lines of communication. With my many years of experience in the broadcast industry, I can guide your project from start to finish. Together, we search for the best solution to achieve an optimal end result. This starts with listening to your wishes, thinking together during the process and providing advice. I will set up an efficient workflow that is entirely attuned to your company, your product(s) and your employees. I will gladly share my knowledge with you and offer your company the service it needs.

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MOS implementation

Responsible for the implementation of a newly developed MOS gateway connecting the newsroom systems Octopus, ENPS , and ANEWS to eMAM.

BFE Studio and Media Systems GmbH

BFE Studio and Media Systems GmbH

MCR, PCR, MAM and archive

Created workflows and testing protocols for MCR, MAM and Archive workflow for NRTV Uzbekistan.

ToolsOnAir Broadcast GmbH

ToolsOnAir Broadcast GmbH

Senior Product Manager MAM and News

As Senior Product Manager MAM and News I was responsible for the integration of MAM and Newsroom systems at ToolsOnAir Broadcast GmbH.


This is why I love my work

Koen is just as passionate about his customers as they are about him.

Koen Hak (workflow analyst): “Working in media, with a motivated team that I can optimally guide and provide advice to in the search for the best workflow, befitting the company and the people who work their daily; sharing my knowledge, resulting in a successfully delivered project and a satisfied customer. That is why I love my work so much.


Satisfied customers

The combination of a driven workflow analyst with the esteem that Koen gets as a trainer make him the ideal consultant for any broadcast project.

“Koen is hands on, inquisitive, exceptionally communicative, and understands how to convey his knowledge well.”

Independent, end-to-end and transparant

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Training and education

Training and education is one of my strong sides. My experience as, amongst other things, editor, vision mixer operator and cameraman, is incredibly valuable for the work that I do. Additionally, I have spent years giving user trainings to a wide range of customers worldwide; from local and regional TV stations to global players, like CNN (USA), CNBC (UK), BBC (UK), TVN24 (Poland), PCCW (Hong Kong). As trainer, I was the link between software users and its developers. This experience is of tremendous value in my current function as workflow analyst.

Workflow analyst

As a workflow analyst, I guide broadcast projects around the globe. This varies from straightforward projects to complex, end-to-end workflows for, amongst others, newsroom organisations. As a workflow analyst, I have been responsible for projects wherein systems like ENPS, Octopus, FORK, eMAM and ToolsOnAir had to be linked to existing systems within the organisation. I am often involved in projects from the start, but I will also gladly be of assistance when there is a need for independent advice and supplementary knowledge concerning a project that is already ongoing. Always deliberate, transparent and providing the supervision and guidance the team needs to optimally start using the to-be-delivered system or product.


Love for the media
My love for the media started during my education at VEC in Deventer. At RTV Oost, Overijssel’s regional broadcaster, I was given every opportunity to develop myself as a cameraman, MCR operator and video editor. I grew alongside the regional broadcaster. A beautiful period of pioneering in a team of passionate people in which “learning by doing” was central.

From pioneer to specialist
I developed myself into a highly knowledgeable all-rounder and was often asked to work on external jobs. In 2000, the launch of my own company, SEC Media, became a fact. I worked, amongst other things, as an editor for Castel Media and as a video engineer in OB van at Viditech Broadcast Facilities. In 2003, it was time to make use of my new skills in practice as a user trainer of the FORK Playout and Production Suite at Building4Media. Building4Media delivers to more than 300 on-air channels in 37 countries. I continued my development to become director of training and education at Primestream. In 2012, I made the transition to ToolsOnAir Broadcast Engineering GmbH as senior account manager of MAM and news and was responsible for the integration of MAM and newsroom systems with the ToolsOnAir products.


The result of more than 25 years of knowledge, experience and entrepreneurship is a host of great customers – something I’m proud of each and every day.

I have come across Koen many times in the industry in recent years; at trade fairs, during projects, or working out proposals together. Calm and deliberate, Koen knows how to explain how media IT works, or better yet, could work.

His wide-ranging knowledge of software development, metadata and video production have always made him into a pleasant conversational partner. His recently generated insight into 360-degree video techniques have only added to his contribution’s value. The timely adding of Koen to your team means bringing in a wealth of knowledge and experience that few others possess, and, if you ever ask him to do something he doesn’t think he will be able to do, he will let you know honestly, while always offering a potential solution.

Peter van Overbeeke

Entrepeneur & Business Professional, SerAle

Due to his proven track record in the Broadcast industry Koen helped us out with the MOS and MAM implementation as Senior Product Manger MAM and News. Also customer support and on-site implementations of the ToolsOnAir Newsroom integration was part of his task which he fulfilled without any problems. During the period Koen worked for ToolsOnAir he has shown he is able to motivate a team and could deliver within the set timeframe. Combined with his social skills makes him a great guy to work with.

Walter Kuntner

CEO, ToolsOnAir

In my opinion, training is always underestimated in our industry. Most people operate systems in a “learning-by-doing”manner. But to get the best benefit out of any system, thorough understanding and training of the users/engineers is a must for modern and state-of-the-art systems.

Koen is one of the best in this field. He has a superb understanding of the product and can explain them to people with a large variety of skills. His training approach focuses on the user and he can modify his training content instantly to adapt it to the needs and experience of his trainees.

Having worked with him on a variety of projects, it was fantastic to see how he could motivate people, and keep the pace without leaving anyone behind. On numerous occasions customers stated that they never had a better demo/training of any product before.

Apart from the above professional efforts, Koen is a colleague who you can have a fun time with. Above that he has a clear view on business strategies and has outstanding management capabilities.

Hans Douma

Senior Director of Projects and Operations, Building4Media - Primestream

Koen has in-depth knowledge of the broadcast industry – specifically in newsroom systems, media asset management, and non-linear editing systems. He has excellent consultancy skills, adapting quickly and easily to a wide variety of teams and environments. In every project team in which I worked with him, he provided concise, on-point, and valuable ideas that supported successful and timely project completion.

He is a reliable consultant needing minimal supervision. If he takes on a task, it will be completed on-time and to specification. He works independently, successfully advancing projects, coordinating people, and achieving goals. He is also a great person and REALLY fun to work with.

Bruce Straight and Astrid Schilcher

Partner Schilcher & Straight Consulting, Schilcher & Straight Consulting

Koen is exceptional. He has great insight in identifying the reasons for questions from customers and his manner of probing is outstanding: he’s inquisitive, and he phrases his questions with the attitude of wanting to learn, rather than the often condescending style of trainers of wanting only to teach-and-leave; it’s so much more effective in dealing with quality professionals. He’s exceptionally smart and well versed in software technology. He never lies – he masters the software by diligent hard work and collaborates easily with those he’s around. He’s comfortably in charge in classroom presentations – properly formal but friendly. As a colleague, he’s absolutely one of the best and most-consistent individuals I’ve known: always glad to assist while at the same time not self-sacrificing: a true top performer. He’ll go the “extra mile” when needed but lives his life solidly and he can always be counted on in the 5.5 years we’ve worked together. He’s one of the two or three most effective trainers I’ve encountered in my 40 years in the TV industry – a real gem. I recommend Koen in the highest possible terms.

Jim O'Brien

President, Aveco Inc.

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